Raising Funds for Your New Album With Pledge Music


In an era when an artist’s ability to make a living is more challenging than ever, it is becoming increasingly important to connect with fans in a meaningful way.   Offerings such as Pledge Music (our preferred partner) have become indispensible tools in helping artists raise the funds necessary to create, record, and distribute their music.  Unfortunately, crowdfunding has become, well, crowded.  Fans are seeing the same premiums again and again from artists; as campaign premiums become commonplace, their perceived value in a fan’s mind declines, and so does the price that that fan is willing to pay for the premium.  Seriously, a CD and a T-shirt?  Pledge Music addresses this problem by offering industry-experiences account teams, a quality-drivien approach product mix-management,  and a variety of services specifically tailored to raising money for musical artists.


A Solution: Short Run Vinyl


At Austin Signal, we hand-cut vinyl records in small quantities, one at a time.   And, the number of copies we cut can exactly match the number that the artist requires for delivery to fans.  For example, this means that for a given Pledge Music campaign that lists 30 individually signed and numbered LP’s available as premiums, but ends with only 23 spoken for, we cut, package and ship only 23 copies.


And, even more importantly, for the first time artists can offer their fans something truly, truly unique.  Some examples:


Snowflake Cuts


Like snowflakes, no two Snowflake Cuts  are alike.  For artists that have, or can create individual tracks, we can cut those tracks to single disks.  For instance, an artist could record 25 ‘unplugged’, acoustic tracks in a studio or at homeand deliver them to us.  We can mix (if needed) and master them for vinyl, then cut each song to a single.  Imagine 25, unique, only-one-in-the-world vinyl singles.  Maybe on 7” picture disks.  Oh, and if the artist has 25 unique high-res images, each disk could have an individual picture embedded. 


Now, what would a true fan pay for that?



Short Run LP’s


Send us masters of your new CD along with high res artwork for center labels and jackets, and we will master, cut and package as many as your campaign requires.



Short Run Singles


Send us masters for single-sided or two-sided singles, and we will master, cut and package as many as your fans order.


Picture disks


Single sided, or two-sided.  7”, 12”, or CD-sized minis.  Single image or multiple.  If you’d like to sign the printed images before they are adhered to the disk, that’s cool too.



How much does it cost?


We have a standard price list HERE. Depending on your project, we will provide you with a flat per/disk cost – and price will be either that fixed price or 10% of the fundraising premium cost – whichever is greater.


How do I order for my campaign?


Contact us, and let us know what you have in mind.  We will quote you a per unit price for your campaign.  We would like to hear the material first so if you have masters we can download or stream, great.  If you have artwork that would be good to see too.   Then, once we’ve agreed on your deliverable products:


1.   List your vinyl premiums on the crowdfunding website

2.   We put your order in our queue, timed to your campaign’s end-date

3.   When your campaign ends, you order your premiums from us and pay for them

4.   We cut your records, and deliver them either to you or your contributors


Contact us today to explore all the possibilities for your next project!

Tell us anything you'd like about your project - genre, how many songs, number of copies, which format(s), what your objective is (fundraising, vinyl of older CD projects, CD release event, etc).