Hand cut Vinyl at Austin Signal

Short run, Lathe cut vinyl

NOT lo-fi - Great fidelity!

Stereo!  Not mono (unless you want it)

vinyl, not plexi-flexi-poly



artwork guidelines

How they sound

Notice ! ! ! Please do not request vinyl cutting for material that you do not have rights to, or permission to reproduce. No mixtapes ! !


If you'd like to order, please send an email to jon@austinsignal.com .  You'll receive a dropbox invitation to access a folder that we will provide.  Please put all artwork and audio in that folder.  We will also send a paypal invoice for payment.   Thanks!!!

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  • VINYL - NOT acetate

  • Durable - 1,000's of plays

  • No minimum order quantity

  • 12", 10", and 7"

  • Clear vinyl and picture discs available

  • Full color jackets, front and back

  • Full color labels

  • Perfect for:

    • Kickstarter campaigns

    • One-offs

    • Limited/Collectors Editions