Now booking single mic sessions for sxsw, 2019

Available recording dates, march 7-17

A special package for visiting artists during SXSW

  • 6 songs

  • Mastering

  • 15 copies of 12” vinyl

  • 2 videos

  • Standard Single Mic Series artwork

  • $1,200

  • Optional: 100 CD’s for $250

We will allocate approximately 6 hours allocated to each session. All material should be very well rehearsed, as it will be recorded with a single microphone. We will likely get 2-3 takes of each song, and work together with the artist to choose the best take. We encourage all bands, electric or acoustic to record. We would prefer original music, as opposed to covers. If you choose to do covers, we will require proof of mechanical licenses.

If you’d like more information, or would like to book a session, please contact us HERE.

We’re pretty good at this. Below are a few examples. All were done with a single microphone, nothing else. No DI’s, extra mics, nothing. Thanks for checking us out!