Have your CD cut to vinyl and listed to our Vinyl on Demand store!  For the first time, you can have your albums cut to vinyl without having to press large quantities.



OK.   We have dispensed with up-front mastering fees, and monthly listing fees.  Now, if you want your award-winning CD cut to vinyl and listed on our store, you just send us audio and image files (image specs HERE), we check for okie-dokie-ness, and if all is good, we list your fine record on our world-famous store.  What a deal.  If you are famous, fabulous, or if you have a collection of back catalog stuff (more than 1 record), we may consider building a page just for you.   Once your kick-ass record is listed on the site, we will send you a link that you can use in all your obnoxious social media campaigns to get people to buy your record.  And we will list it on the store.    If you want a copy for you, or Mom, or your cellmate in the State Pen, you gotta buy one.  Sorry, we're not doing all this for nothing.

As far as pricing goes, the standard LP will be listed for $35.  You get $5.  We get $30.  We pay once per quarter via Paypal.    We modeled the pricing after iTunes.  To wit:

With iTunes:

   -  you send them artwork and audio files

   - you don't pay anything up front

   - they list your record on the store, and assuming you don't have a label or some other middle-man to pay, iTunes pays you roughly $.70 per song.   A 7 song album (an average number of songs you could fit on vinyl)  would pay you $4.90.

With VoD:

   - you send us your artwork and audio files

   - you don't pay anything up front

   - we list your record on our store, and we pay you $5.00.   

Contact us HERE and send us your masters and artwork by way of Dropbox, Sendthisfile, Hightail, or a similar inter-web facility.   Don't send CD's, cassettes, wire-recording, hard-drives or any such nonsense.  We will throw them  away.  We will use very sophisticated electronic computerized audio tools to analyze your music, and we will ensure it is indeed cuttable and length is appropriate.  Once we get the first order, we will cut the record.  

For audio, WAV files are best, preferably 44.1/16 bit (CD quality) or better.  We can use MP3’s, and if that’s all you have, cool.

One thing - we are only doing this VoD general store thing for 12" LP's; we just don't have the bandwidth for singles, 10" records, picture disks etc.

Please understand that vinyl records are limited in run-time.  For 12", 18 minutes per side is ideal; we can stretch a little bit, but please don’t ask for sides much longer than that, because we will just have to say no.   Also, we may ask for some flexibility in sequencing.  For maximum fidelity we like to put quiet songs at the end of a side.  If this is not possible, that’s fine – but we may ask.

That's it.  So easy.  If you don't do this, there is seriously something wrong with you.

Coming soon: short run cassettes ripped from vinyl.  Ooooooh.  A vinyl master, and 50 cassettes with 1 side with your original master, and the other side with the vinyl version.  All for something like 300 clams.  You can't wait for that.....can you?